[CB1205] The Taste of Colombia 3/e '01 哥倫比亞美食   
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It is hard to find a corner of the world where celebrations are not linked to food in one way or another. Sharing a meal, cooking special dishes, and eating symbolic foods are rituals-almost inadvertent ones-that are present in all cultures and that make up the gamut of what is known as culinary specialties or ethnic food. This 224-page book is a complete tour through Colombian cuisine, illustrated with 199 exceptional color photographs by Hans Doring that enable us to appreciate the succulent appearance of each dish and of its various ingredients. Due to Colombia's geographical and cultural variety, this country has a vast culinary repertoire that is deep rooted in its history: the native Indian and the Spaniard traditions finely seasoned at times by a pinch of African and by the various influences of immigration. This book is a treasure chest of more than 133 recipes form the diverse regions of Colombia, described with just the right amount of detail to obtain a perfect meal.

ISBN-10 : 9589138985 作者 : Benjamin Villegas (Author), Antonio Montana
出版社 : Villegas