[CB5338] Gifts From The Kitchen   
定價 : NT$ 590
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Wrap up your homemade food gifts with pizzazz! Wilton Gifts From The Kitchen shows you dozens of great ways to package and present a food gift that is as welcoming and tasteful as the good things inside. This book makes it easy, using supplies you may already have on hand, along with convenient Wilton accents. Wilton Gifts From the Kitchen is also a great recipe book, with over 50 easy-to-prepare foods—you’ll find delicious tastes for every season, fancy dipped treats, special occasion desserts, fun food gifts for kids and more. With Wilton Gifts From The Kitchen, you’ll find the perfect food gift to please the eye and warm the heart. Soft cover, 96 pages
備註 : WT902-1225 出版社 : Wilton