[CHA035] The New Economics of Fast Food 速食業之新經濟學   
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Introduction: The New Economic of Fast Food

Chapter 1 Evolution of the Fast-Food Industry

                  Changes in the Industry in the 1980s

                  The Old Ecomnomics of Fast Food

                   Stages of Develoopment of the Fast-Food Industry

Chapter 2 Size and Growth of the Fast-Food Industry

                   Refining the Concept of Fast Food

                   Relative Size and Composition of the REstaurant Industry

                   Restaurant Sales and Food Expendiitures

                   Food consumed Away From Home and Disposable Personal Income

                   Number of Restaurants in the United States

                   Failure Rates

                   Growth of Largest Chains

                   Chain Dominance

                   The New Dermographics of Demand

                   Working Women and Fast Food

                   Convenience Stores

                   Nutritional Issues

Chapter 3 Major Fast-Food Segments and Participants

                   Means of Participation

                   The Economics of Franchising

                   Segment Analysis

                   Major Players

Chapter 4  The Economics of Fast-Food Restaurants

                    Sales Productivity at the Store Level

                    Drive-Through Windows and Sales Growth

                    The Emergence of Double Drive-Throughts

                    Real Estate and the Economics of Remodeling

                    Labor Costs

                    Managing Food Costs

Chapter 5  Market Saturation

                    Defining Saturation

                    McDonald's Company Store Openings in the United States

                    Saturation in the Hanburger Segment

                    Regional Saturation Patterns

                    Shoney's Recapitalization

Chapter 6   Marketing and Product Development

                      Interview with Michael Quinlan, CEO of McDonald's

                      McDonald's Need for New Products

Chapter 7  Wall Street and the Fast-Food Industry

                    Earnings before Interest, Taxes, and Depreciation(EBITD) and Takeovers

                    The IPO Creaze of 1983

                    Greatest Stocks over Past Ten Tears

Chapter 8  Foreign Markets

                    International Markets

                    Key Differences Overseas

                   Foreign Profit Margins



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