[CHA1897] Coffee Sommelier: A Voyage Through Culture and Rites of Coffee '18 贈CHA270 Espresso!Starting And Running Your Coffee Business 1本   
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A simple porcelain cup contains a true treasure consisting of aromas and flavours as well as an age-old history that combines culture and tradition. This book, marvellously illustrated by the photographs of the master of still-life photography Fabio Petroni, is entirely given over to every aspect of coffee and coffee-making and helps readers discover all the secrets of this amazing drink consumed every day by millions of people the world over. From the origins of coffee bean cultivation to the legends connected to its use, and from the secrets of coffee bean harvesting and toasting to the art of serving this universal drink, readers will delve into the infinite varieties of coffee, its many different flavours and aromas and how they can be obtained. In the last section of the book this extraordinary ingredient, with its incredible attributes, is no longer considered only a drink: thanks to some very original and easy recipes, readers are shown how it can is to be used in many other ways in the kitchen.

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After studying photography, Fabio Petroni worked with some of the best-known professionals in the sector. His career has led him to specialize in portraits and still lifes, fields in which he has demonstrated an intuitive and rigorous style. Over the years he has captured important personalities from Italian culture, medicine and economy. He works with the main advertising agencies and has signed off numerous campaigns for prestigious internationally known companies. He is personally responsible for the image of a number of important Italian brands. For White Star Publishers he has published Horses: Master Portraits, Mutt's Life!, Cocktails, Super Cats, Roses, Chili Pepper: Moments of Spicy Passion, Orchids, Tea Sommelier, Beer Sommelier and Bonsai.

作者 : Fabio Petroni ISBN-13 : 9788854413054
出版社 : White Star