[CHITMINI] 迷你巧克力塊分割器 / 附[CB3344] The Seven Sins of Chocolate 書1本   
Product Description:
MINI GUITAR : Perfect for small production needs in restaurants, training colleges, and pastry shops. It's small size means that it can stay within reach or put away easily. To cut strips, squares or rectangles of ganache, fruit jellies,cream desserts etcin. With a plastic base 9-1/2" x 9-1/2" and stainless frame with 22mm (27/32") spaces between wires, this mini guitar is perfect for making ganache confections:
本機標準配備附22mm 間距切臂框
* 以下切臂框額外選配
 - 15 mm 切臂框  CHIT15
 - 30 mm 切臂框  CHIT30

備註 : 107-41000-36900