[GP-850] 噴筆 (噴嘴口徑: 0.5 mm) 廠牌: Sparmax / 塑膠容杯 125 c.c   
定價 : NT$ 3,200
網站訂購價 : NT$ 2,900

The SparMax GP-850 offers adjustable spray patterns from round to fan shape. Simply remove the fan type air cap and replace with the rounded air cap for the standard round spray pattern. The round pattern is a good all-purpose pattern that allows the airbrush to be moved in any direction with the same path width. The fan pattern allows more rapid coverage since each stroke has a wider path, but the airbrush must be moved so that the wide part of the fan is perpendicular, or 90 degrees, to the direction of the stroke. This airbrush is a perfect choice for spray tanning.

Class: Double Action, Gravity Feed
Needle / Nozzle Size: 0.5mm
Bottle Size: 4oz