[ICC-30033A] 蔬果乾造型製作用模片   
定價 : NT$ 3,700
網站訂購價 : NT$ 2,950

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Croquanter是專爲市場上銷售最佳的脫水機所使用的一套創新模板 。包含8個不同的設計模板,只須通過簡單的脫水程序,就可以輕將水果、蔬菜、堅果和其他果泥製造出各式形狀的果乾片,



The ideal complement for your dehydrator Croquanter is a set of stencils for making crunchies created by Albert and Ferran Adrià, specially designed to be used in the best dehydrators on the market. The Croquanter stencils can obtain crunchy sheets in a variety of shapes from fruit, vegetable or dried fruit purées... Croquanter has 8 stencils with different designs to provide a wide variety of different finishes for dishes of all kinds. Through a simple dehydration process you can obtain delicate mango leaves, crunchy carrot cornets, fabulous yoghurt shavings and a wide range of preparations that conserve the taste and colour of the original products to the maximum. You can use different teflon bases simultaneously to produce a large number of crunchies with minimum effort.

How to use:

1. Preparing the stencil. Place a teflon base on a totally flat surface. Place the chosen stencil on it. Bring the two circular sheets in line, leaving the edges visible.

2. Applying the mixture.
Apply the mixture on the stencil, spread it with the help of a spatula to fill in the different shapes until it is as thick as the stencil.

3. Creating the shapes.
Hold one of the edges with the hand and raise the stencil by the opposite edge. The shapes you have chosen will be perfectly sketched on the teflon. Use as many teflon bases as the number of pieces you wish to obtain.

4. Obtaining the crunchies.

Place the teflon bases with the shapes on the trays and put them into the dehydrator. Leave them for 24 to 48 hours depending on the temperature applied and the amount of water and sugar used in the preparation.

The stencils can be washed with soap and water, then rinsed and dried thoroughly so that they do no retain smells. If you avoid folding them they will remain in perfect condition and can be reused as often as required.

Recomendations for use:
With Croquanter you can create crunchy sheets of different shapes with all products that can be used to make a purée: fruit, vegetables, dried fruit, etc. If we use ingredients with low water content in the mixture we shall make the dehydration process quicker. Once the crunchies have been extracted from the dehydrator, conserve them with Silicasec.