[LM45] 巧克力噴飾器 Electric Food Spray Gun (瑞士 Krebs) - 附CB3344 The Seven Sins of Chocolate '04 一本   

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Spray Patterns

Bakers love it for the ease of greasing baking sheets and tins and spraying oil and glazes. Fast, economical, accurate and food-industry approved, it's the alternative to the brush or non-food-regulation-compliant paint gun. Used in food factories, bakeries, cake shops, restaurants, butcher stores, hospitals, pubs, hotels, canteens and fast food outlets.

Optimal spraying of flat surfaces and objects like baking trays with the flat-jet-nozzle F7S4. The bent nozzle extension is ideal for spraying upwards, downwards or on edges and slants. Thick to fine spray finish, with excellent material distribution and economical use of material, yielding quick return on investment. Certified food proof (food safe) by Laboratory of Zurich, each component designed to comply with EU Food standards and US Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Simple to use. Compressed air not required. Easy to clean and maintain with unique Krebs service screw. Viscosity max (DIN-sec.): 120. Delivery rate max (water): 280 g/min. Dynamic pressure max (bar): 160. Stainless steel piston, tungsten carbide pump cylinder. 700ml container. Flat jet nozzle with tungsten carbide indet number F7S. 1.8m wire length. Made in Switzerland.

Operating Instructions

The KREBS food sprayers are believed to be the only food-safe-certified handheld electric food-spray guns on the market. Used to apply oil, butter, egg wash, chocolate and viscous food materials, the sprayers provide enormous time and material-usage savings for professionals in food-prep environments. The many thousands of Krebs clients include executive chefs and pastry chefs at the some of the world`s best restaurants, fast food chains and commercial bakeries.


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備註 : LM45-19950