[Mini-MP-190Combi] 手持均質攪拌機 / 廠牌 Robot Coupe / 攪拌量: 9公升   

 Mini-MP-190Combi  手持均質攪拌機  /  廠牌 Robot Coupe  / 攪拌量: 5公升附打蛋器

This Robot Coupe Mini MP190 Combi stick blender is is ideal for blending and whisking small quatities of food..


  • Stick length is 190mm, whisk length is 185mm
  • Ergonomically designed handle for easy grip and effortless use
  • The variable speed button is positioned at the top of the appliance for greater visibility and easier adjustment
  • Variable speed 2000 - 12500rpm in mixer function, from 350 to 1500rpm in whisk function.
  • Powerful motors to increase your appliance lifespan
  • Overmoulded cutting blades gives optimum cutting quality
  • Stainless steel Tube, knife and bell disc for added hygiene
  • Blade and Bell are removable for easy cleaning
  • Supplied with stainless steel wall support
備註 : 106-23000