[Mini-MP-240VV] 手持均質攪拌機 - Robot Coupe (法國) 桿長240mm / 12公升   

法國進口  Robot Coupe  手持均質攪拌機

電壓: 110V / 290W

桿長: 240mm  / 可攪拌處理量: 12公升


**使用客戶參考 : 典十國際公司 |  采采食茶文化公司 | 大倉久和大飯店 | 易可行 | 黎明技術學院


Great attention has been paid to *the design of the
handle* for maximizing grip of the mixer and fatigue free use.

2000 to 12500 rpm in mixer function.
350 to 1500 rpm in whisk function.

The foot, blade and tube dismantle for perfect
hygiene - an exclusive Robot-Coupe patented system.
The tube, bell housing and blade are made of
stainless stell for ease of cleaning.

Stainless steel removable emulsion disc to aerate
hot and cold sauces to give them a mousse like consistency.