[PG-506] 巧克力精磨機 8LB   


「Premier Chocolate」的圖片搜尋結果


Product Features

The preferred choice of artisan chocolate makers, the Premier Chocolate Refiner is a low-impact, countertop model, purpose-built for making chocolate and nut butters from scratch. Low-impact refining allows for maximum retention of nutritional value while at the same time preserves the shelf-life of the product.

The machine features two roller stones made from natural stone granite, and it has two deflector blades instead of just one. The double deflector system allows for more efficient processing as it directs the mixture equally under the stone wheels, reducing production time. The double deflector system also creates better aeration/conching, especially for chocolate-making.

The Premier Chocolate Refiner’s robust motor is designed to withstand the stress of running chocolate 24/7/365.  

    Countertop Chocolate Refiner Features:

    • Only all-natural, high-quality granite stones
    • Refines particle size to less than 20 microns
    • Superior cooling system to prevent overheating
    • Sophisticated and elegant design
    • Motor is designed and tested to run continuously for up to 72 hours
    • Fully sealed and sturdy bearings - no sticking or seizing
    • Heat-triggered, cut-off switch to prevent overheating
    • Easy to transport due to manageable size and weight. Can be checked in as overweight luggage on flights.
    • 1 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
    • UL listed and CE certified

      Technical Specifications:

      Capacity: Up to 8lbs

      Drum Diameter: 8.0" (203mm)

      Drum Height: 5.5" (140mm)

      Roller Stone Diameter: 4.125" (105mm)

      Roller Stone width: 1.375" (35mm)

      Voltage: Available in 110V, 60 Hz, and 220V, 50Hz

      Power: 200 Watts