[PV-PX4349] 3D矽膠模(LOOP) 產品尺寸:65x34 mm / 義大利 Pavoni Vol. 90ml   
定價 : NT$ 1,300
網站訂購價 : NT$ 1,235



-耐高溫~+250℃  耐烤 可微波

-耐低溫~-40℃   可快速冷凍 急速冷凍





模具尺寸 :  300x400 mm

「Pavoni PX4349」的圖片搜尋結果

Top-level, liquid platinic silicone molds 300x400 mm, for professional use only. More than 50 innovative shapes to realize sweet or salty mignon and single portions. Pavoflex is produced with a special injection presswork method to let a perfect definition of details. Perfect in oven and blast chiller (from -40°C to + 250°C)


VOL: 90 ML

mm 65x34 h